Our Art Workshops are held one Saturday per month between 10:30- 12:30. The workshops are in English.
Each lesson children will learn about the artist, their past, experience, style, techniques and inspiration. Through games, activities, also creating their own work of art.
The workshops are varied so that the children are never doing the same thing, from making a sculpture one day to using water colours the next.

Summer Camps

The Summer Camp will be in English, giving your child a full immersion of the English language, whilst have fun.
Each day we will have focused art activities, games and stories based on a place or artist. We will dedicate time each day for focused learning time, in this time your child/children will have the opportunity to strengthen and develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the English language.


Children will discover places near and far; amidst cities, small gardens, wild wonders, continents and enchanted paths meet artists and diverse cultures. Your child/children will play with colours, discover new techniques and have fun painting, building and creating. Their art will represent the journey they have been on, over and around the world, so they can share the memories and moments with you too.

We are a dedicated team of English Mother tongue staff, all qualified in Childcare and Education. With a vast amount of experience teaching English as second language. We see every minute of the day as an opportunity to learn.

from June 11th to July 6th
from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm
Children from 6 years old to 11