Our Preschool has been open since September 2014 and we have a ratio of 1 teacher to 8 children.

This ratio allows us to dedicate our teaching to the needs of the individual child and concentrate on the children’s interests, ensuring that they are always participating with happiness. It is a great place for children to grow and develop, whilst learning the English language. In our Preschool we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, (the national curriculum in infant schools in the UK), and we use a range of teaching techniques and the children adore all of the new experiences we offer. Using manipulative play such as clay and play dough, they use water and create volcanic explosions using vinegar and bicarbonate soda. We read stories and recreate them through painting, theatre and music. We learn the important things in life – what it means to be a friend and how to take care of each other, ourselves and the world we live in. Every day we spend time playing outdoors in the park, learning how to move our bodies, spacial awareness and playing together as a group, or successfully learning new skills such as climbing, skipping and group games.
Children start our Early Years School in the term in which they turn 3 (after they are 2 years 7 month or thereabouts).
All our staff are fully qualified EMT with a wealth of knowledge and experience working with children in many settings in Italy and Abroad.
We consider the Early Years to be a fundamental part of a child’s life, it is the foundation of the rest of their lives.

Our school is open between 8:30-16:00; children can either do a full day, or join our class for a Morning or Afternoon session.