Scuola dell’infanzia primaria e secondaria

3-5 years old

These classes are designed to increase your child’s knowledge and understanding of spoken English. The lessons are fun packed so the children don’t think they are learning. They include songs, stories, movement, games and crafts. The children are also introduced to the English alphabet and phonics through games and song,
These lessons are 1 hour long from 16;00 until 17;00.

6-11 years old

These course are divided into school year and the child’s level of the English language. Courses for first graders are 1 hour long, then from second grade onwards they are 1 hour 30 minutes long. The course is made up of mini topics, including simple grammer, asking for simple instructions and day to day words. Each week the children expand their knowledge of the alphabet, phonetics, cvc and the high frequency words. Using games, activities, and computer programs. These tools will enable your child to decode any word in the English language.

10-15 years old

There are types of courses of the children of this age:
2.30- 16.00- the children can come straight after school, twice a week.
17:00-18.30- once a week
The children will learn English phonetics, spelling, grammer and high frequency word, through reading, writing and many types of games.
These lessons and activities will broaden the child’s vocabulary, comprehension and verbal communication skills.

English Reading and Writing Programme for Bilingual children

This course is designed to continue and develop a child’s overall understanding and knowledge of English – for children who have a good understanding of the English language that have either gone to English speaking school from an early age or have a English speaking parent/parents.

There are two types of classes available;

– Intense program: this course is held twice or three times a week, between 13,15-16,00.
– After School Program: Once a week for two hours, between 17:00-19:00

Written language is made up of a complex system of sounds and symbols. Developing these skills requires specific teaching.

At Treehouse we have our own programme to help your child understand and decode these complex rules. This programme was created using theories from all around world and from experience and knowledge of our highly trained staff. We use a cross curriculum approach to teaching, teaching through the arts, science, poetry, song, information technology, games, movement etc, each one of our lessons involves each style of learning. The English language is not as transparent as Italian, the first task for a child when learning English is not learning to read but to understand and learn the different sounds and rules, these units of sounds are called phonemes. The children will also learn about morphemes, syllables and diphthongs, variant vowels, r controlled vowel and constant blends. Once children have an understanding of these rules they will create a solid base to continue speaking, reading and writing in English.