Cookies are small text files that visited sites send to the computers that access them, the latter store them and send them back to the same sites on the next visit. The “third party” cookies, unlike the previous ones, are set by a website different from the one you are visiting. This happens because the visited site can expose contents (images, maps, sounds, etc.) that reside on different servers and domains. Cookies are used for different purposes: user authentication, session monitoring, saving a user’s configuration, storing preferences and so on.

Technical cookies – they are used to provide a service to the customer or simply to enable navigation; these cookies have no other purpose. Without the use of these cookies this type of operation can not be carried out in a simple and safe way, because they allow a certain identification of the user’s session; they are used, for example: from e-commerce sites, in home banking and in all those situations where it must be certain that the user who is connecting to an open session is always the same. Technical cookies are not persistent, that is, their life is linked to the duration of the session. Technical cookies can be used without the consent of users.

Profiling cookies – they are used to track the user’s navigation and create profiles on his preferences, habits, choices, etc. Through these cookies it is possible to send the user advertising messages that reflect the choices he made during the navigation. Profiling cookies are persistent, their life is decided a priori from the site that issued them; there are cookies with a preset expiration date and cookies with unlimited life. Profiling cookies, to be used, require explicit consent from users.

Cookie analytics – they are used to optimize the site, collect information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the site; if used by the owner of the site, exclusively for the optimization of the same, can be assimilated to technical cookies (Privacy Guarantor see provision of 8 May 2014) differently require explicit authorization by the user.

In some parts of our site, already implemented or being implemented, technical cookies may be used to identify the session of the user logged in or registered on our site; technical cookies do not include additional information that is not useful for this purpose. Our site uses cookies analitycs in order to collect aggregated data to better optimize its functionality, does not use persistent cookies in a direct way. TreeHouse does not use profiling cookies directly.

By accessing the home page of www.treehouseenglishschool.it, the banner for managing cookies will be displayed clearly and clearly on the top of the screen. This banner contains the following message: “This site uses technical and third-party cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you accept their use.”. By pressing Accept you will give your consent to the use of cookies. The cookie banner will be present every time the user accesses the site and all cookies, outside the technical ones, will not be used; pressing the Accept button will enable cookies and the banner will no longer be displayed. The display of the banner is managed using a technical cookie. Failure to accept cookies may limit the functionality of the site even if it does not limit direct navigation. Please note that some browsers have the ability to make a selective restriction of cookies, to allow the deepening of the topic, below, the links to the relevant pages of the official websites of the most used browsers, where you can find detailed information on the topics covered.

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